A Wide Array of Features for Real-world Needs

VIVOTEK VAST 2 is an easy to use IP video management software (VMS) designed for medium-scale deployments. With its exciting advancements and wide array of features, users will enjoy a breathtaking-new experience and manage their security system easier than ever before.


Intuitive UI Design

Direct intuitive custom layout adjustment and fisheye ROI control for better security management experience.


Auto Setup

Easy configuration through a fully automated process. Saves user’s time and cost to install surveillance devices.


Problem Feedback Mechanism

Quick detect system problem and feedback to VIVOTEK’s FAE system via automatic popup or manual operation.


Multi-Monitor & Tabs

Manage unlimited tasks with multiple screens for intuitive and easy surveillance.

Screen 1Screen 2


Advanced Search

Efficiently search suspicious video and specific events with thumbnail view and smart search.

Thumbnail SearchSmart Search


Evidence Lock

Manually extend the retention time for video recordings and manage a high number of investigation scenarios.


2.5D Visualization eMap

Multiple layers and camera’s FOV views allow users instantly to pinpoint a selected camera located on the map.


Export Evidence

Easily export multiple video recordings with custom layouts in a specific time period or instant snapshot with a fast click.



3rd Party Integration

Incorporate IP cameras with POS systems to record POS real-time transactions and detailed searches.

Monitor TransationsSearch Transaction Details


VCA Report

Integrate VIVOTEK’s intelligence cameras to provide visual reports including video feedback, tables and charts.

Counting LiveViewCounting Report




Auto WizardPlug & Play Auto Setup
Max. Number of Cameras*Unlimited
Max. Number of Servers*Unlimited
Max. Number of ClientsUnlimited
Support OSWindows 10, 8, 7
Mobile SupportiViewer (iOS/Android)
Tabs Support*Supported
Devices PackVer. 5.9.68
LiveView (Local Display)
Max. Channels*64-channel per Monitor
(Supports up to 8 Monitors)
LayoutEqual: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8
Panorama: 1P+6, 2P, 2P+3, 3P
Focus: 1+12, 1+16, 1+3, 1+5, 1+7, 1+9, 2+8
Vertical: 1V+6, 2V+2, 2V+3, 3V, 3V+4, 4V, 4V+4, 5V
Single Layout Display
Custom LayoutSupported
Layout Configuration SavingSupported
Layout RotationSupported
Stream ApplicationStream Selection & Auto Stream Size
View ApplicationDrag & Drop
PiP (Digital Zoom)
Instant Playback
Metadata Display (VCA, POS)
Fisheye Dewarp Mode1O, 1P, 1R, 1O3R, 4R, 2P, 4R Pro, 1O8R
Max. Channels*64-channel per Monitor
LayoutEqual: 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8
Panorama: 1P+6, 2P, 2P+3, 3P
Focus: 1+12, 1+16, 1+3, 1+5, 1+7, 1+9, 2+8
Vertical: 1V+6, 2V+2, 2V+3, 3V, 3V+4, 4V, 4V+4, 5V
Single Layout Display
Custom LayoutSupported
Playback ModeAsynchronous & Synchronous
Playback ControlPlay, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Frame, 1/8X ~ 64X Speed Control, Bookmark
Playback TimelineScale Adjustment
Event Timeline Interval Display
Search ModeCalendar, Alarm, Bookmark, Thumbnail, Smart & Transaction (POS)
Evidence LockSupported
Video FormatMJPEG, MPEG4, H.264 AVC, H.264 SVC, H.265
Video ResolutionUp to 9 Megapixels
Audio FormatG.711, G.726, AMR, AAC
Audio CapabilityOne-way Audio
Recording Time (sec.)Pre-Record: 10, Post-Record: 10 (Default)
Recording Stream TypeUnicast
Recording StreamSingle
Recording ModeContinuous, Schedule, Event
Recording SettingRecycle (Depends on Storage Size)
Recording File Format3GP
External Storage RecordingNAS (SMB & CIFS)
Alarm Management
Alarm Period (sec.)Max. 30
Alarm FilterName, Time, Trigger Type (Camera/Substation/System)
Alarm SettingRealtime System Notification
Schedule TypeContinuous, Schedule
Camera SourceCamera Disconnected, Camera DI, Camera DO, Field Detection (VCA), IR, Line Crossing (VCA), Loitering (VCA), Motion Detecion, PIR, Recording Error, Stop Recording, Tampering Detecion, Temperature, Video Loss (Video Server Only)
Substation SourceNetwork Disconnected, Storage Failure, Storage Full
ActionStart to record videos, Set DO Status, Go to camera presets, Send HTTP requests, Send live streaming, Send email
SourceImport Picture & Folder
AdjustmentVertical Angle Adjustment
MarkedAdd, Remove, Direction Control, FOV Control & Indicator LiveView
PTZ ControlMouse Draw & Drag Control
PTZ OperationDirection Control, Home, Zoom, Focus, Preset, Patrol (Group), Tracking, Pan, Stop, Speed
PTZ Operation ModeContinuous Move
SnapshotPNG & JPEG
Export File3GP & EXE
LayoutSingle & Mutuple Layout Display
Custom LayoutAccording to Playback Export Layout Configuration
Playback ModeAsynchronous & Synchronous
Playback ControlPlay, Rewind, Pause, Stop, Next/Previous Frame, 1/8X ~ 64X Speed Control
Playback TimelineScale Adjustment
Event Timeline Interval Display
SnapshotPNG & JPEG
Export Video3GP
User Management
AuthenticationBasic Account
User LevelAdministrator, Customized User
User ControlPermission (LiveView, Playback, Setting)
Date & TimeSync PC
LanguageCzech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Diagnostic ServiceYes
Device Integration
VIVOTEK Network Camera8000 & 9000 Series
VIVOTEK NVRND Series (ND8321 excluded)
I/O BoxAdvantech ADAM-6000 Series
Camera Integration
Camera InsertManual & Search
Basic SettingUser Name, Password & Camera Model Detection
ONVIF Core SpecVersion 2.2 or Above (By Project)
ONVIF StreamVideo (H.264, MPEG4 & MJPEG) & Audio (G.711, One Way)
ONVIF ControlPTZ Control (Up, Down, Left, Right & Zoom In/Out)
ONVIF DiscoverySupported
VCA Solution
VCA for SurveillanceLine Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Field Detection
VCA for Business IntelligencePeople Counting
Advanced Features
VIVOTEK ExclusivesVCA Reports for Counting
Standard VCA Integration (Line Crossing & Loitering & Field Detection)

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VAST2 Server

Server (Recording Channels)Up to 64-CHUp to 128-CHUp to 256-CH
CPU4th Generation Intel ®
Core i3 Processors
or above
4th Generation Intel ®
Core i5 Processors
or above
RAM4GB or above8GB or above8GB or above
Hard Drive (Enterprise Model Only) Suggestion1 Volume Group*2 Volume Group*4 Volume Group*
Recording Throughput1 Volume Group: Max. 200 Mbps**
Network Interface Card1000/100/10 Ethernet***

* Volume group depends on total recording server throughput.
** Maximum number bitrate of cameras not to go over total recording throughput.
*** Please consider the throughput of viewing, recording and server’s network.

VAST2 LiveView & Playback

Client (Display Channels)H.264, 720P, 2Mbps for Each Channel*8-CH16-CH32-CH
H.264, 1080P, 4Mbps for Each Channel**6-CH10-CH18-CH
H.265, 1080P, 4Mbps for Each Channel3-CH5-CH9-CH
CPU4th Generation Intel ® Core i3 Processors4th Generation Intel ® Core i5 Processors4th Generation Intel ® Core i7 Processors
RAM4GB or above4GB or above4GB or above
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)***Support Direct3D acceleration with 1GB Video RAM
Network Interface Card1000/100/10 Ethernet

* Display requirements of a 3MP fisheye camera is equal to a 720P camera.
** Display requirements of a 5MP fisheye camera is equal to a 1080P camera.
*** Please update to the latest version of GPU driver.
If installing Server & Client in the same PC, overall loading of the PC will be evaluated.

Trial for 60 days

Tutorials – Auto Setup

Tutorials – Multi-Monitor & Tabs


Tutorials – Layout, Custom Layout & View Tour


Tutorials – Digital Zoom & PTZ


Tutorials – Fisheye Dewarp




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